A War Game



Be part of the game by programming the strategy of your army.


Have fun! Test your strategy and challenge other players.


Boost your coding skills and master key algorithms.

We are launching soon.

Be the Game.You code the Artificial Intelligence.

You've just landed on an island. Deploy your soldiers and decide when and how to attack to defeat your opponents.
Code your strategy in Python or Javascript (more languages coming up!) and prove your skill in a revolutionary programming competition.

Most Important: Have Fun. And earn some badges.

See how your strategy works out in different scenarios, challenge other players, receive points, earn badges and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Boost your coding skills. Do it playing.

This game provides the perfect setting to introduce the key concepts employers ask you to know. Learn them easily while playing.
Start simple and go through our tutorials to learn Graph Algorithms, Greedy Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Randomized Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

We are launching very very soon! Support us!